Online Cake Classes


  • Fondant and Gum paste Mix: Red and Green
  • Round Cutter, medium
  • Veining Tool
  • Gum paste glue
  • Paint brush
  • Dusting pouch
  • Thin Foam
  • Vegetable Shortening White
  • Rolling Pin
  • Practice Board
  • Flat Board/Surface


Step 1: Take red fondant and gum paste mix and roll out 1/8th inch thick. Make cut-outs using round medium cutter.

Step 2: Use vegetable shortening for your hand to avoid sticking knead into a smooth ball.

Step 3: No cracks should be present before modeling into strawberry shape with your fingers.

Remember all the strawberries do not have a perfect shape!

Step 4: Take the narrow end of the veining tool to make indention’s like you find on real strawberry.

Step 5: Take a small calyx cutter or a small flower cutter to make the calyx out of green gum paste. Use the veining tool to flatten each calyx or flower petal on dusted thin foam.

Step 6: Use gum paste glue or water to attach the calyx on the top end of the strawberry and make a small hole to attach stem.

Step 7: Make a small stem and curl it from gum paste before attaching on top of calyx with gum paste glue.