Online Cake Classes
Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
White Lily Cake Flour  3 Cup
Granulated sugar  1 1/2 Cup
Unsalted Butter  1 Cup
Condensed Milk  14 oz. Can
Baking Powder  1 Tablespoon
Pineapple Extract 1 Teaspoon
Pineapple Tidbits 1 Can (20 oz., washed and drained)
Sprite  1 Can (12 oz.)
Baker’s Joy/ Baking Spray

Step 1: Preheat the oven at 325 degree F.

Step 2: Spray Bakers joy on a 10 inches round cake pan and set it aside.

Step 3: In a large bowl mix cake flour and baking powder and set it aside.

Step 4: In a bowl mix condense milk, granulated sugar, Pineapple extract and melted butter. Mix well.

Step 5: Add the sugar mix and pineapple tidbits to the dry ingredients and slowly mix.

Step 6: Add sprite and slowly mix the batter until evenly mixed.

Step 7: Pour the batter in the cake pan and tap to remove air bubbles.

Step 8: Bake the cake in the oven until evenly baked (approximately 45 minutes) or toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the cake center. Set it aside to cool.