Tier Cake Pictures


Ten personal designs and tier cake pictures ideas for birthday, anniversary, wedding and parties. This book has pictures of detail and unique decorations done on each cake as per occasion. Unique designs created by Chef for flowers, bows, doll dresses, exquisite princess castle and carriage, anniversary cakes and wedding cakes.

Birthday Cake Picture Book


Fun and exciting personally designed 16 cake pictures ideas of birthdays. Birthday cake pictures for girls, boys, women and men of all ages. Unique designs created by Chef for dolls, bows, flowers, cartoon characters, action figures, monogram, suspenders for grandpa, and divine chocolate, chocolate and chocolate for special someone.

How to Make Peacock Teapot Cake: Easy Step by Step Guide


Peacock Teapot is an inspiration from a teapot with a modern look. I wanted to design a cake for my sister’s birthday that is dazzling and colorful at the same time. In this book you will find step-by-step information on creating the Peacock Teapot cake at home.

Cranky Mr. Turtle


The story of Cranky Mr. Turtle and the series to follow: Cranky Mr. Turtle’s Shopping Trip and Cranky Mr. Turtle’s Favorite Color; and The Green Lizard in My Garden that is lots of fun, silly and funny to make your children giggle.