Halloween Theme cake bites with Witch's hat and Ghost

Halloween Cake Bites, Witch’s Hat & Ghost Decoration

Making Witch’s Hat


  • Fondant and Gum paste Mix: Black, Yellow and Redhalloween-cake-bites-tools
  • Round Cutter, medium
  • Rose/ flower cutter, small
  • Thin Modeling tool
  • Ball Tool
  • Gum paste glue
  • Paint brush
  • Dusting pouch
  • Thick Foam
  • Vegetable Shortening White
  • Rolling Pin
  • Flat Board/Surface


witch-hat-halloween-cake-biStep 1: Apply thin coat of vegetable shortening on the flat board and rolling pin.

Step 2: Knead a small amount of black fondant until smooth and pliable. Roll the fondant 1/8th inch thick and cut using the medium round cutter.

Step 3: Now knead it until smooth and shape it into a ball. Using your index finger on your palm make a long cone shape and flatten the thick end between fingers to make the base of the hat.

Step 4: Gently bend the top end of the cone shape to resemble a witch’s hat.

Step 5: Dust the thick foam using the dusting pouch and place flatten side on it. Thin the edges using the large end of ball tool.

Step 6: Roll out yellow fondant about 1/16th inch thick and cut about 1 ½ inch long thin strip to go around the base of the hat. Attach the strip around the hat and remove excess fondant off.

Step 7: Roll out the red fondant about 1/8th inch thick and make flower cut-outs using the flower cutter. Place the flower on the thick foam and using the thin modeling tool cup the center.

Step 8: Apply a thin coat of gum paste mix on the back of the flower to attach it to the hat on the yellow strip.

Step 9: Apply a dot of glue in the center to attach the sugar pearl as the flower center.

Variations of decoration:

  1. Leave the cone shape straight or bend according to your preference.
  2. Add a belt with belt buckle using a small amount of fondant to make a strip before attaching using the gum paste mix.
  3. Place small stars, polka dots, bow or flower on the cone shape of the hat.

Making Ghost


  • Fondant and Gum paste Mix: White and Blackghost-halloween-cake-bites
  • Orchid Cutter, three petals
  • Petal Cutter, small
  • Flower Cutter, small
  • Gum paste glue
  • Paint brush
  • Dusting pouch
  • Vegetable Shortening White
  • Rolling Pin
  • Flat Board/Surface


Step 1: Coat the board with vegetable shortening. Roll out white fondant on the board about 1/8th inch thick.

Step 2: Using three petals orchid cutter make cut-out. Place small cuts at the center to separate the three petals.

Step 3: Using your fingers gently smooth out the rough edges on all sides. The shape would resemble into an oval rather a sharp triangle shape at the end. Place it on the board to dry.

Step 3: Roll out black fondant about 1/8th inch thick and make cut-outs using small petal cutter for mouth and small flower cutter for eyes.

Step 4: Smooth out the edges and shape it into an oval shape for the mouth. Attach the mouth using gum paste glue.

Step 5: Roll the flower cut-out into a ball and gently shape it into and oval with a slant in opposite direction for the eyes. The slanted part is place near the center for the eyes.
Note: Check the shapes by placing them on the white oval cut-out for checking on shapes and sizes.

Step 6: Attach the eyes using the gum paste glue on the ghost face. Set it aside to dry on the dusted surface to avoid sticking.

Attach the witch’s hat by piping a small dot of vanilla icing on orange cake bites. Attach ghost by piping a line of icing on orange cake bites.

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